Let’s face it, more is less and less is more, so what about a trend that has more in the back and less in the front? genius.  Yes, I’m referring to the fishtail dresses we are all loving these days. Perfect for bending over and not revealing your bum… Below I have plucked out a few vintage selections that you may find pretty and affordable… aren’t you lucky I’m doing all the work here for ya?

First up, not only am I giving you fish tails, but you’re getting a butterfly print too… woah..

You can find this pretty thing at the Ebay Shop The Clock Strikes Vintage.

Next up, is a fishtail dress for the ladies who love soft florals and that boho look we see in Free People catalog’s season after season.

 And lookey how convenient, you can find her at the same Ebay store, click away The Clock Strikes Vintage.

Last but not least, here is a version I may be the most fond of, neutral palette, sheer fabric, feminine in a way I approve.

I guess this entire post is from one Ebay store, they better thank me! Here’s a link to this pretty one. The Clock Strikes Vintage.

I should mention, on a final note, that I personally would not wear any of these dresses with those insane black platform mutant Lady Gaga-esque shoes. Sure.. those have a time and place…(not sure when or where, but yeah) But rather.. I would go for something more like this:

You can find these lovely mama’s at The Loeffler Randall Online Store.

And if you hate fishtail dresses, and espadrilles, and fun and summer and all things good… well I guess this just wasn’t the post for you.

Till next time.

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