An ode to Missoni

It was love at first sight.
I looked across the crowded Salvation Army and there she was, the sweater of my dreams.  She was beautiful, the perfect Missoni-esque little lady.  Knit to perfection, in colors I couldn’t have come up with in my wildest dreams.  I knew she was going to fit me like a glove.  But the question remained.. How will I wear her, and better yet, how can I incorporate her into my current wardrobe without looking like I had stepped out of a time machine?  The answer… below.

I knew she belonged with something unexpected. So I slipped on this seafoam green mini skirt I bought at H&M.  The red pants which are Zara are something I threw on last minute.  I had been wanting to try the skirt over pants look for a while, but had not found the perfect combination, dare I say now I have?

 In addition to pairing the multicolored (mostly burnt oranges, reds and browns with splashes of a gorgeous periwinkle) sweater with the pastel skirt, I also knew some neck gear would be in order, so I rocked this funky necklace, which references tribal/ethnic things, but also feels a little bohemian.  The sunnies you ask?  Those babes are vintage Liz Clairborne, and they were purchased on Ebay and most likely from the early to mid 80’s.

Meanwhile on the lower half, I wore simple strappy nude sandals with a fun chunky wooden heel I am suddenly all about (Zara) to further reference the 70’s, but also in order to let the color blocking, textures and silhouette’s shine and not have to compete with a wild shoe.

Last but not least, I should mention the cool graffiti featured in the photos.  I am standing in front of the 5 Pointz building (you can check it out here CoolGraffitibuilding) in Long Island City. Till next time!

                                                      All photo’s by Jenifer Faulkner

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  • shi zhan

    August 11, 2012 at 8:18 am |

    Ray Banはアクセサリーと同じの効果を持て、とうとう大スターになっているというのだ。レイバン aviator一本をかけて、変身でも出来るでしょう。特に今の若者たちに、そういうような考え方は少なくないそうだ。